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testing, one....two...

*mental note to self*

Never EVER invite Gregg along to movies ever again, cause he's just going to bitch and moan and whine and cry and bitch and bitch and spaz and bitch about how he doesn't have any money, and he doesn't like borrowing money and he doesn't have gas in his car and he's not comfortable riding in other people's cars and blah blah blah....

I liked him better when we hated each other and I didn't have to talk to him like i gave a shit.

And next time he asks to borrow my sword so he can run around getting his ass kicked by professionals, i'm just going to save him the time and energy and stab him right then and there.

eighteen is way too old for this.

[insert topic change here]

So i have discovered what one of my many endless flaws are. I need constant mind occupation. I need to be constantly doing something, or thinking about something. Occupying my time as much as possible. Because when i dont bad things start to happen. Especially late at night. When everyone else in the house is asleep, and there's nothing good on tv and it's dark outside and the moon is full and beautiful and the air is warm. I start to become so bored i start to think of really bad things to do.

Like call JusTin.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad.

I refuse. Calling JusTin up on a whim of boredum would be a thousand fold worse than pretending like Gregg was the best boyfriend ever.

Which he wasn't.

And even then he was a saint, an angel, a GOD, compared to JusTin. And that is so pathetic. My taste in boys need to be severely changed. By force or by will i no longer care. Of course i dont know what else i could have expected when i started off my standards with a guy like Dakin. Wow.

That was just "tramatized" waiting to happen.

So i need to take up a hobby in order to keep my mind occupied. I'm gonna call Tom up and see if he wants to go Vampire Hunting. That always calms me down and occupies my mind for a while.
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