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14 November
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acceptance, action movies, adventure, angelina jolie, angels, art, auras, beautiful strangers, being alone, being sure, being warm, belonging, birds, black cats, blade, books, boots, champagne, chocolate, choices, christopher pike, clouds, comedy, concerts of great bands, crows, dance clubs, danger, dark city, dark green (mmm), demons, dreams, driving fast, edward norton, elfwood, enchantment, enigma, excitement, eyeliner, fairy tales, falling in love, fast cars, feeling, feeling complete, fight club, fire, forests, francescia lia block, freedom, freefalling, friends, ghosts, glitter, god, gorgeous guys in makeup, goth, gothic churches, guitars, haikus, happiness, heights, honesty, horror, humor, immortality, individuality, inner beauty, japan, knowing people care, knowledge, laughing, leather, legends, lightening, lj smith, loss, love, loving, loyalty, lust, meaningful sex, medieval gowns, mermaids, moon, moonlight, muse, music, mystery, night, nin, nine inch nails, noncommercial holidays, parties, peace, people, playstation, poetry, punk, punk rock, purple eyes, purple roses, rain, ravens, razors and dying roses, reading, romance, run lola run, sci-fi, serenity, shadows, silver, sleeping, soulmates, sparkle pens, spring, stars, sun shining through trees, supernatural, surprise endings, swimming, tall windows, the 80s, the cell, the company of insanity, the crow, the dark, the japanese culture, the last unicorn, the ocean, the outer limits, the truth, thinking, vampires, vast, water, weightlessness, wisdom, writing, youth

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